Cautioning Politics in Preaching: A Case Study

In volatile political climates, the church and her elders are ever pressured to use the pulpit as an opportunity to correct the ills of the state.

The One Only True & Living God

We live in a materialistic cultural rut that strives to remove any and all reference to the supernatural. Philosophical and scientific naturalism has stripped the world of its vibrant, spiritual excitement. But is this a good reason to adopt henotheism?

The City of God

If everything we knew faded into history, could we still be a church—constant, remaining, set upon the Rock, identified by that heavenly, unshaking city of God?

The Term “Reformed”: A Hill to Die On?

Whether Baptists are called “Reformed” or not isn’t something self-professing Reformed Baptists ought to be willing to die over. 

My Bible vs. Our Bible

The only Bible you’ve ever seen is at your church. The pastor reads from it every Lord’s Day, and it was produced over the course of a year by a band of monks in a scriptorium a week’s ride from where you live.

Abraham Booth on the Incarnation of the Son

By affirming this orthodox article of the hypostatic union, Booth lays the foundation for avoiding just about every variety of kenotic Christology…

The Theological Psychology of Gregory the Great

In discussing pastoral qualifications, Gregory glosses the psychology of curiosity, earthly cares, and shame. Below, I will look at what he has to say concerning each of these.

Hilary of Poitiers, Incarnation, & Partitive Exegesis

“Being, then, in the form of a servant, Jesus Christ, Who before was in the form of God, said as a man, I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God.”

Shall We Worship Love? The Dilemma of Denying Divine Simplicity

The denial of classical DDS seems to encounter a dilemma — worship love or not.

The Cosmic Meaning of the Church

The church is an organism with a divinely bestowed identity and a heaven-entranced trajectory.