The Creator-Creature Distinction & the Doctrine of Scripture

Though the three most influential Reformed confessions (Westminster, Savoy, 2LCF) begin with Scripture, it may surprise the reader to learn that neither confession begins with Scripture as a stand-alone authority.

John Calvin on John 17:5

Therefore, according to Calvin, Christ prays according to His human nature in John 17:5, and the divine Persons remain sufficiently and really distinguished in virtue of the relations of origin.

John Gill’s Christology

God is far beyond our ways such that man must strain the outer limits of his language just to flick the hem of His robe (if that).

Calvin’s Classical Theism

at minimum, we should be able to conclude from the evidence presented that Calvin held to the classical formulation of divine simplicity.

Limitation of Act by Potency

Contemporary Thomistic studies largely assumes the origins for Thomas’s doctrine “limitation of act by potency” is to be properly and neatly located in Aristotle’s corpus. According to W. Norris Clarke, however, such an assumption is misguided…

Yes, We Still Believe Sola Scriptura—A Response to Dr. Sam Waldron

Why do we now turn a suspicious eye toward our forefathers? Have we really become skeptics? Confessional agnostics?

When Scripture Becomes A Wax Nose

God’s Scriptural appeal is made to rational creatures. And when, by grace, a rational creature is made to accept and trust in the truth of Scripture, his rational appetites are not extinguished but improved.

Philosophy & Preambles of Faith

Philosophy, then, is assigned to inquiry concerning the preambles of faith. And theology is assigned to inquiry concerning the articles of faith revealed through Scripture.

Salvation Through Reason: Did Thomas Teach It?

Allegedly, Thomas believed that if a man was sharp enough to do so, he could hypothetically reason his way into the gospel, so to speak.

Benjamin Keach’s Employment of Aristotle in ‘Tropologia’

In the below verbiage, it becomes clear that Benjamin Keach positively and helpfully employs Aristotle.

A Note on Political Theology

A Note on Political Theology

The Noahic Covenant remains. It’s institution is neither causal nor characteristic of the kingdom/domain of darkness. But neither is it’s administration granted to the Redemptive Kingdom, or the Kingdom of the Son.

An Elementary Essay Contra Modal Collapse

An Elementary Essay Contra Modal Collapse

If God is simple, it follows He isn’t made up of anything more basic than Himself to be what He is. In other words, God is non-composed. All that is in God is God. An apparent difficulty arises, however, when we consider God’s will as it relates to the created world.

The Kingdom & Its Implications

The Kingdom & Its Implications

There has been much speculation as to the identity and timing of God’s kingdom. Contemporary speculation on the kingdom of God tends to domesticate and separate the kingdom from Christ and His work, and it fails to account for present-kingdom language used throughout the New Testament.

The Way Jesus Uses Nature

The Way Jesus Uses Nature

Appeals to natural revelation, and thus the assumption of a natural theology, are rife throughout the didactic work of our Lord Jesus Christ.